Propane Delivery Service

7 Days A Week / 365 Days A Year – Rain or Shine – Day or Night








Long Island Backyard BBQ is a propane delivery, refill, exchange service offering affordable propane & grill services to homeowners, business, special events and festivals.

We offer 24-7 services 365 days a year. Our service area includes Nassau & Western Suffolk county, including Queens, New York City, the Bronx, and Brooklyn.

Maximum Fill. Free Delivery.

Get 20% More Propane

We fill all containers to their maximum…up to 4 more pounds of liquid propane in a 20 lb container than large box hardware stores like Home Depot, Lowes and service station exchange racks. This means that our tanks last up to 20% longer than conventional tanks.

No more lugging around tanks. Save your back, and keep your car clean. You just worry about the cooking


New, Clean Tanks!

Long Island Backyard BBQ is fully licensed and insured with years of experience delivering propane to a wide range of customers. We provide you with clean and safety inspected tanks that are filled to the maximum level. This means you get three to four more pounds of liquid propane per tank than you get with the exchange tanks you find at hardware stores and gas stations. Except you don’t have to come to us, we bring the propane tank to you and handle the exchange.

You don’t have to worry about things like tank disposal, tank inspection or the hassle of propane tank recertification.


Best Propane Gas BBQ Delivery Services

Long Island Backyard BBQ offers propane tank refills, exchanges, and a wide range of propane products.

Same Day & Emergency Service

We understand that running out of propane can be a major inconvenience. Especially if you need it for a propane generator, or your need propane for a special event or gathering. We have staff and supplies on hand to handle most same-day or emergency requests.

Best Quality Universal Tanks

Our propane tanks are up to modern spec and will connect quickly to any standard grill or standard propane appliance. All our propane tanks are up to code or meet all recertification and reconditioning standards. The look brand new and clean. Something you’d be proud to use and display on your property.


On-Time Fast Delivery!

With our extensive distribution fleet, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer fast propane delivery that is on time and on schedule. We aren’t just some box hardware store offering propane exchange tanks at an outdoor rack. As a family owned and operated company we are a part of the communities we serve, and do our best to treat everyone of our customers like family with unmatched customer service.

Honest & Reliable + 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You don’t have to leave home, we bring the propane or propane exchange tank directly to you. Never run out of propane again! As a part of the communities we serve, our dedication to honesty, reliability, and customer service is unmatched.

Family Owned & Operated + Door to Door Service

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our propane products, tanks, exchanges and refills. We are a family owned and operated company with roots that run deep throughout Long Island, New York City and the communities we service.

Licensed by Fire Marshall and Fully Insured

We take the public’s safety very seriously. Not all propane delivery companies do. That’s why Long Island Backyard BBQ is directly licensed by the Fire Marshall and we are fully insured. We can provide food trucks, festivals and special event vendors with all necessary safety documentation to ensure you are compliant with all pertinent regulations.