Clean, Safe & Reliable BBQ Rentals

If your home or business is having an event, and only need temporary products for a day, week or longer, we’ve got the inventory to meet your demand. All our products are new, and cleaned regularly after each rental to ensure they are in pristine quality when it’s time for you to use it.

Aside from grills, there are other propane devices and propane cooking appliances for special occasions. Long Island Backyard BBQ is the premiere propane appliance rental, sales and service company serving all of Long Island as well as the New York City surrounding area.

We deliver, setup & pickup any number of propane related equipment to your event. While we do have a large inventory of equipment, please be sure to reserve as far in advance as possible to guarantee that it’s available for your event.

Propane Tank Rentals

Propane Tank Rentals

Liquid propane storage tanks come in a wide range of sizes. While we specialize in 20-pound propane tank exchange, we also sell propane tanks of nearly every conceivable volume. We keep 20lb, 30lb, 40lb and 100lb tanks in stock as well as liquid propane storage tanks for forklifts as well as other propane-fueled equipment.

commercial grill

Commercial Grills

Your single source for commercial grill rentals to use at your next event or festival.  From 50 to 500 people, we have various sizes to accommodate gatherings and cooking needs of any size. No matter what you need to cook rest assured we have quality cookers as a fraction of the cost to purchase.  All our commercial grade grills are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use.


Propane Deep Fryers

With greater thermal efficiency and superior BTU output propane is the ideal heat source for large capacity deep fryers. Not only are they more cost-efficient, but they also make for rapid thermal rebound to keep the oil at the correct temperature when you need to take frozen foods directly from the freezer to the deep fryer.

Propane Griddles

Flat top griddles are the next new innovation in outdoor and indoor cooking. Not only are they a great way to cook a lot of food in a relatively short amount of time, but they are easy to set up and clean. They are perfect for cooking chops, steaks, burgers, brats, hot dogs, bacon, pancakes and other breakfast items.

Accessories & Components

At Long Island Backyard BBQ we carry an extensive range of propane parts, accessories and components. This includes things like hoses, adaptors, couplings and other nuts and bolts items.

Propane Product Rentals

Long Island Backyard BBQ is also proud to offer a wide range of propane appliances as short-term rentals. This is the perfect opportunity to get the propane appliances you need to pull off a special event like a community festival, block party, wedding, or holiday celebration without having to make a major one-time investment on something you might only use once or twice per year.

We offer more than competitive pricing on a wide range of propane accessories and propane appliances for your rental needs. If you don’t see it, ask, and we’ll do our best to accomodate you.